Friday, 8 October 2010

Challenges Entered - "Let's Watch the Reindeer Teddy"

1. Papermania classic christmas Backing papers.            
2. Hamish with sleigh - Sugar nellie stamp.                      
3 Imaged coloured with various colours of Promarkers.
4. Oval cut with an Xcut oval cutter .                               
         5. Ribbons are cut from same Papermania BP                                                                           
                                          Hiya all, how are you?
 Hamish & Teddy have been entered for
 Challenge 39 - Criteria " Cuties"on Bah! Humbug.
                                                                Take care
                                                                 Big Hugs


Max said...

Hi Casper and welcome to our Bah! Humbug! Challenges. In fact welcome to blogland =)
Hamish and his teddy are super sweet and I love the fabby reindeer background paper. Looks terrific. Thank you for sharing with us at Bah! Humbug! and I hope you will be a regular from now on.

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Elaine said...

Fab card Casper, sweet image, but again I may be a little biased, I do have a Sugar Nellie fetish!
Thank you for your lovely comment.
In reply to your comment, I think I have all the manga stamps, it's a terrible addiction this rubber lark.
As for hair, yep, I really do hate hair, but it's only the colouring of it I hate. I do have hair myself, and my hubby, well he did have hair once! He says it all fell out after he met me. Both my cats have plenty of fur, but my brother has 3 Devon Rex cats which are completely bald. Boy are they ugly little devils but they are such sweet natured cats, like having babies, they're all snuggly and warm.
Nice to see a guy in blogland, there aren't too many of them about.
I only started my blog at the end of April so it's pretty new, but I've made some great friends through it.
If you need any help with anything just holler, I probably won't be able to help, I am technically challenged, but I know few blog whizz kids.
I'm your first follower!!

Have a great weekend Casper.
Love Elaine x

Casper said...

Ha ha OOps Elaine.

Me a girl!

Casper was a boy Ghostie & I have not specified my gender in my profile,so I can see where your coming from.

Your my first FOLLOWER - Can I keep you?

Have a great week end
Big Hugs

Casper said...

Well Elaine MMMMMM? What do I say?

Ha ha me not a boy,but to be fair - Casper was a boy ghostie.So as I did not specify my gender on my profile.

Me a girl,have hair,have a hubby & a doggie with fur.Hubby going grey since he met me! So he says?
Glad you have hair,thats a good step to being defined as normal - Define normal,please?
Your poor poor hubby that a shame,he had hair til he met you - What did you do? Wait til he was sleeping & decide he had way too much hair & shave it off?Does he sleep with one or two eyes open?? Hee hee me cheeky,me get chucked oot your blog soon for my cheek - but then I have 4 chances as I have 4 cheeks eh?
You prob chuck me oot for my long posts,that more like it?

Glad your kitties have plenty of fur - good start being kind to animals just hubbies that get the chop? Poor hubby,tell him my doggie casts plenty & if he not mind a little white,tan & cream streaked look - it's his!In a bag & on its way,does he have a p.o. box so you not hide it from him?

Those baldy cats your brother has do look weird but I just want to put a coat & dress on them to keep the poor things warm!

Elaine are you sure that your brother's cats are bald? MMMMM?
Me is suspicious,you a good girl & not shave them when no one looking?

I love the Sugar & Spice shop in Arbroath. Do you know it?The fudge is amazing.Was up in Arbroath last year & bought a wall plaque thing that says " Husband & dog missing - reward for dog! Hee hee

Was at Arbroath for a little break there on 20th September,went to Sugar & Spice but not get fudge this time.

Me like Japanese rubber too? Love the Whole Manga area,used to watch the Manga cartoons when I was younger,used to be on late times on channel 4.Silvermoon etc.

Been card making for 3 years there abouts,have a few stamps but was not until I discovered Sugar Nellie that I started to stamp.In fact I would get so annoyed with the blurry edges that I convinced myself I couldn't stamp!

Do you know whaT CURED ME OF MY FEAR OF STAMPING?I went on to Letraset Promarkers site & looked at the Manga artists drawings etc.This one artist's comment was a revelation.
He said - There are no mistakes in art,all mistakes can be turned around & not to worry too much about your lines they can be made thicker etc to accomodate the image! Not word for word but that is my take on his comment & although he was talking about art work & sketching it hit home with me.And I applied that principle to my stamping.First stamp I fell in love with was, the shopoholic clear stamp free with the Creativity magazine.The lady with the shopping bags.That was me I was off & running.OOOOHHHH then I found Sugar Nellie.Please Miss. My name is Casper & I am a Sugar Nellie Stamp Addict!!!!

Thanks so much for the lovely comments Elaine!
And the banter.

Your site looks great,for just being up & running a few months! Thought you had been blogging for years & that you not a technophobe.Thanks so much for help resources will keep that in mind.
I am determined & was not letting this blog creation beat me.Windows live drove me nuts & they are now changing it all around & want me to open a new blog - Blog off WINDOWS!

Like computers & have been on the internet since 1998,I sort the software out,hubby replaces the hardware for friends & family.I am not a programmer or anything just can repair & reboot computers.Self taught.

Me blog off now before you strangle me for ma cheek!

Have a great week end
Ma wee first follower wummin
Big Hugs

Ann said...

Hi Casper - Welcome to blog land and well done on finding our Challenge at Bah! Humbug! Lovely to have a new participant especially with such a fun card.
Hope we'll get to know you and your fab creations more and more over the coming weeks.
Ann xxx
Bah! Humbug! ~DT

Casper said...

Hey Elaine this is CASPERS Hubby. Whaat do you mean guy is there something that she aint tellin me. I will assure u that she 100% woman. Well the last time I looked. HEE HEE or should I say SHE SHE? Lol.

Take Care

Elaine said...

Oh My Lordy Casper Lady!!
Huge apologies for my mistake, what can I say? I'm an IDIOT but I guess I didn't need to spell that out for you, you knew that already.
I assumed (My Mum always told me never to assume cos it makes an ASS out of U and ME, or in my case it makes an ASS out of ME & ME) that you were a guy. I've only known a few Caspers. Casper the friendly ghost was definitely a guy ghost. Casper, a guy who came in the business I used to work at and finally, Casper the cute little pug dog, and he was definitely a guy dog.
Now I know a girly Casper. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!

I have 2 kitties, Bart and Lisa, and everyone assumes that Bart's a boy and Lisa's a girl. Oh no no no, two girlies! Bart was a teeny kitten when we got her, but they said she was a boy so kiddies called her Bart. By the time she went to be neutered and we found out she was a girly, she answered to her name and it didn't seem fair to change it, so Bart is a girly!
Good cat/bad cat. Bart's a really good girl. Lisa's a really naughty kitty. Brings me LOTS of presents. Lots of birds, mice, frogs, but this week she brought a RAT!! It was HUGE!! Naughty girl!

No idea where Arbroath is, is it Scotland?
If it is Scotland, been to lots of places up there but not Abroath. Love Scotland, know loads of people up there. In fact, hubby is driving up to Skye as we speak. He didn't set off til 5.30pm so I guess he'll stop overnight somewhere, long drive!

Me like ALL rubber, love it, love it, love it!
The more the better, but my heart belongs to Scotlands finest Sugar Nellie.

You've been on the internet since 1998? I found it 2008, late developer, told you I was stoopid!

Anyway, I'd better go now I've filled up your blog with inane waffle.
I WILL be checking back on you, want to make sure you've not taken me off your followers (Idiot woman who can't tell a guy from a girly, don't want her following me!)

Nice to meet you and yabber, have a great weekend.
Love Elaine xx

Note to Caspers hubby:
Apologies to you too, so sorry for my misunderstanding.
Oh My Lordy, is that your real name or just a blog name? Fantastic name, don't tell me you're really called Fred (no offense if you really are called Fred!) but that's such an amazingly cool name!
Have a great weekend too.
Love Elaine xx

Debs said...

Fab card Casper. I love Sugar Nellies. Good luck with the DT call. Debs xx

Donna said...

Great card Casper, love your blog name, and highly appropriate at this time of the year too, will you be changing it as it gets close to, just kidding. Anyways, welcome to blogland, you're gonna love it, and you're gonna be addicted to it too. Have fun entering all the challenges you can.
Donna (moi will become your second follower)

Irene said...

Hello Casper

Welcome to blog land.

What a gorgeoucs card, I love your non traditional colours - your papers are gorgeous and Hamishis so perfect and wonderfully coloured.

Thank you so much for joining in our latest challange.


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