Monday, 1 December 2014

Lost Blogger finds way back with Sam Biddle help

Oh hello and Hi there all my little peeps!

Yes and yes ,I did get a little distracted with life and left you all alone - shucks I am sorry hee hee!

Darn medical dramas yet again and a new interest too,(We will get to that in a minute).

As you may have noticed -I am a Creative.

By that I am a creative person in all areas of my life and my need to create overwhelms my organizational mind.

I am not flighty and fanciful in that I am fickle and loss interest easily,my mind takes me on creative journeys!

My blog is my blog,successfull or not? What is a sucessful blog? Based on how many followers?

Yep that was and is probably how many of you feel, we all want validation,praise and a good old pat on the back,we want to make our mark on the world and believe when it is our time to leave -we will not be forgotten!

Blogging is like running a business,self promoting and very time consuming, hey took me awhile to work that one out.
I say to all out there,it doesn't haveto be,the minute you created a blog you have created an opening in your life to let others in.
No matter what is going on in your life,someone knows you are not invisible,you are interesting even if you have a few followers-they like you!

Give yourselves some credit for being pro active in your own lives.
It took sheer determination,will power and drive to build that blog page-Hey that ain't easy,even if you just use the normal tem,plates available. Gosh they you have to run it ,self promote,make sure you have something to say and darn well make sure you have a good quality picture to diaplay,especially in the craft side.

Why do we set ourself up to heighten our own self critisicm and open a door for others to comment?

Because we are confident,oh but you have to be,even if you disagree on that point.
Why I hear you say?

Because you took the leap into Blogland - that is showing confidenceon all levels-self doubt is that horrid cheeky red man with a fork that is stabbing your ear and whispering to you- Swipe that little creep right off your shoulder and go for it- It is your life and you have only one - Be a Creative and set yourpassion and art free!

I have lived with that little red creep on my shoulders- yep he has a twin!
Him and his brother have wrecked my self confidence for years and with medical problems,being worn out and weaker- they had a very big party shall we say ha ha!

I am backmthey will creep back again and again I will get stronger- self doubt is a horrid,horrid thing!

You do it to yourself! Self harm geez!
Talk about crazy,Don;t need any help at all,Can wreck your own confidence before any one has a chance to say anything!

In fact you will fill their mpouths with works of negativity jusst so you can get it all out of the way !

But in fact you are just knocking yourself sown before any one else can,if your prepared then it won't hurt as much!

Wrong and wrong ! Be there done that and wear that flippin tee shirt!

In some cases trust has to be earned and we  have all usually be hurt at some point in our lives and feel we need to protect ourselves.

But what if we are actually preventing ourselves from actually living?

OOOOH very deep and meaningful post from the Ghost - Boo !

I am not designing cards at the moment I am concentrating on Doing Nails- Yep nails and the nail art side of things is so cool-I love ,love ,love it Darling!

I was a bit disheartened and took a cracking big blow to my confidence,
(drama,no discussion in that,pointless and soul destroying- no point in re hashing it as will just make me feel worse again).

I was on Facebook and in my feed popped up an invite to go to a Nail Art course with Sam Biddle for  Sunday the 30th of November 2014 .

I had a vague and I mean vague memory of that Sam was worth her salt,fantastic Nail Tech/Artist.
this course was in Glasgow!

I could not believe it and I jumped at it. It was less than a week away from that point,and had a kit list to make sure I had everything.

Travel is a little bit of a challenge for me with medical conditions etc.But Glasgow!
Got the kit together and sat up to gezz oh  6am painting black gel polish and white gel polish on nail tips- 1 and a half hours sleep arrrggghhhhh!

My choice to stay up doing that and besides the point I was not feeling so good anyway,my pain has been more difficult to handle and get under control.
The pain makes it hard to concentrate and makes it impossible for me to think straight.

No room for clear thought or organizing,I always go with the kitchen side and worry that I dio not have everything with me- as I can not run back for anything I have forgotten.

The upshot is I never travel light !
But it makes me feel comfortabel in my own world and my Comfort zone is prepared and my comfort bubble protects me in
new situations - the familiar in the unfamiliar environment.
Safety net if you like!

Oh I burnt my safety net at Sam Biddle's class- what a wonderful.inspiring and amazing tutor,artist and downright amazing person she is !

I didn't know what to expect,I was nervous and worried too that I could not keep up.
It was fantastic!
At the beginning I felt like a fish out of water I just did not get the nail art designs- but do you know why?

They were simple shapes turned up to fantastic nail art designs in simple steps.

I could not get it in the morning because it was so great and so simple - my brain always over complecates things for me.
Always has and probably will always do!

If it is too simple and I get it right away then - I must be wrong or doing it wrong!

I have a real problem processing simple things and once I realize it is not a competition,I don't have to be flippin Picasso in a few lessons then Wow Picasso visited my art hee hee!
Well maybe Picasso at age 2 !
But the point is I got it and I loved it- no horrible atmosphere,no tutting,no hassle about keeping up and support to help me and the other understand the concepts and speed that these things could be done!

My my brain stopped fighting me ,my creative spirit struggled out and said hey I am back!

Not Picasso but with what I learned watch out world - I am renewed and amazed at what I learned.

I got a pretty and colorful fantastic  Certificate too! Thanks so much Sam for all your help and inspiration!

We learned 10 designs in 1 day-wow!

Thank you for listening to my fight back to the Creative!

Have a great Day and an even better Tomorrow-Always!

                                                  Big Hugs,


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