Monday, 31 October 2011

Latest update and another Hospital Trip AAArrggghh!

Hiya there peeps.

How are you all?

We I got a lovely surprise yesterday , hubby got me ready and took me to the SECC in Glasgow yyyyiiiippppeeee!

Well the flood stuff just got left and we left
 (hurry,hurry before hubby changes his mind RUN).

Got there, fab lots of stands but I was organised this time and had put together a list of stands I wanted to visit and Blackberry it to hubby's phone!

He hates doing lists so I do it and send it hee hee - had this list ready from last week then the TITANIC of a loft Sank my CRAFT ROOM!

As I arrived I popped to the conveniences and a queue built up with old dears, who then proceeded to bang on the door and shouting things like you had better be disabled or we are complaining!

(I am and have to use an Electric Scooter to get around)

I was absolutely mortified and wanted to go home, that was not the worse part, when hubby help me out - the GANG of Older generation Glared and whispered as well as

wait for it, having gone and fetched SECURITY to wait for me to come out!

Well I am disgusted and mortified at their behaviour - they had the option to go to the WC round the corner,they all had walking sticks  - I did not have that option!

I HAVE NEVER NOR WILL I EVER DO THAT TO ANYONE and embarrass anyone in that way by demanding that they leave a toilet, because  I am waiting!

May I add, there was no Queue and no one in sight
 but almost as soon as I got in the
 Granny Crowd must have had a meeting and started chapping the door every 2 minutes!

My Granny and a lot of older peeps I know would never act like that - But because I am so young I do get the evil eyed stare from older peeps - almost an accusation of CAN'T be anything wrong with you!

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer it took 5 visits to the same surgery and 5 different doctors to be diagnosed and that only happened because my own GP was off!

Oh no dear you are too young - I wish, I was too young for the things that HAVE happened to me!

No matter what anyone says - disease, and disabilities do not discriminate based on age! 

That part of Rant over hee hee what a day out I had - It was supposed to be FUN!

I would have been safer in the house hee hee!

Luckily - good word for me lately - my luck does not seem to be in or even out -


Well that was enough upset for one day eh?

Nope, I am special and because I am so special I got a very special first class ticket to hospital!

While minding my own business and being careful not to run over peeps toes,

a lovely lady one of many but not as violent as this lady
 - pushed me and my scooter I had to lean out of the other side to try get away from her.

As this SHE DEVIL passed she hit me on the left arm full force with a very heavy and large handbag!

Well You can just imagine the Swearing going on in my scrambled brain after the great start I had!

Did not stop to ask if I was ok , or to say sorry but did look at me as if it was my FAULT -

AH - you know that look - Don't you?

Why does it seem so difficult for peeps to say sorry - is there a new rule?

Run and don't be sorry?

Is this the new HIT and RUN in life?

Well as a result of this lady woman violent pushing I have cellulitis in my left arm that has Lymohoedema and my neck and back are all puffed up and I am in excruciating pain and will be until the antibiotics kick in!

My arm is on fire, bright red and cannot move my fingers!

So to that LADY - I say I am sorry that you are in that much of a hurry

that you are willing and able to cause physical harm to another human being

to get to a CRAFT stand because you can not see that person as a valued member of the community and treat them as being invisible and disposable!


Had to get that off my chest - I am so annoyed as anothers inconciderate actions have caused me to lose more of my limited abilities!

On a plus note I did get some crafting goodies -

Lotv stamp
Replaced some of damaged papers- K and Co
Flexi markers set 3 - (used them already- I do like them)
More promarker ultra fine nibs - These are AMAZING
Craftwork cards and envelopes
Embossing board
 Magazine with craft CD
Oh delicious Ribbons
Hat Pins
Hougie Score tool

Just a little shopping, I did become rather harassed and began to feel unwell,
it wasn't til I got home that I realised the full extent of what had happened to my arm!

Take care

Big hugs

from a wee injured Ghostie

Boo - It's Halloween but I should be saying Boo Hoo eh?

Tomorrow can only be better than today and yesterday.
 Until next time

Keep crafting and tearing it up

Casper xxx

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