Monday, 6 December 2010

WOW- White On White

Well my little peeps, how are you all ,

Over at Sugar Nellie-
They are having the most amazing DT CALL/COMPETITION!
First prize is a Grand Calibur from Spellbinders & a DT SPOT TOO
All RUNNERS UP WILL get a  prize of 12 stamps from Sugar Nellie/Funky Kits.

1. Foldback oval  white card, Every Craft a Pound            
2. Image from SUGAR NELLIE..                                  
3. Coloured- Promarkers,Sakura gel pen,                        
& diamond glaze                                                
4.Ribbon, butterfly & flower inside                               
 large flower from stash.                                           
5.Large paper  flower - Craftime                                   
6. "Seasons Greetings embossed with Papermania           
  folders on card. Cut in half                                          

I love Sugar Nellie Stamps & especially the SIMPLY SASSY ones,
 this competition is to celebrate the release of the next generation of
 SIMPLY SASSY stamps by designer " KRISTA SMITH " (Clever & talented artist indeed)
& just because


THEE Sugar Mama is soooo sweet she is giving away this amazing candy!

THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY,KAREN & for bring out my determination & abilities in Stamping!

You had lots of difficult choices & entries to consider -
 well done on the great choices that were made.

The finalists are all very capable & each unique in their designing abilities!

                                                               My Other wow card entry's 

"Double Talk"

1. Stepper card, wrapped ribbon around.   
2. Butterflies/ribbon/hearts all from stash. 
3. Used MS Punch to create lace strips.    
4. Image from Sugar Nellie/coloured with 
 Promarkers  & Sakura gel pens.            

"Pink Sherbet"

1. White apperture card                                                      

2. Punched snowflakes, attach to card.                                   
3.wrapped thin white ribbon around card, tied in a knot.           
 4. Image - Sugar Nellie  Coloured with Promarkers &               
Sakura gel pens.                              

No one can win all the time,trust in your talent & do not waiver!
Copyrighted to Casper's Crafty Capers 2010
Take care
Big Hugs

This is a showcase of all three entries to the above competition -
I didn't make  it into the next round but hey,I am not letting it get
me down! I have enough in my life to get me down.

SOOOOO Congrats to the girls who made it into ROUND 2
& Good Luck!


Just remember that for each time that disappointment visits you,
That you have tried & that is why you are disappointed!

Disappointment is universal & very personal to each of us,
Depending on how we feel & what we are dealing with disappointment is
a gauge of how we feel at that time!

Disappointment & self esteem as well as self confidence go hand in hand,
REMEMBER you did your best & no one can fault you for that!
PLEASE remember not to beat yourselves up as "No One that is NO ONE"
thinks as much as you do or does such a good job at beating you up!

Disappointment is not failure it is a step that you have not completed because you
are too unique for that situation but you will win & find the niche that you do fit into!

We are all different & we all make decisions based on how we see the world!
Remember to be different is a positive trait


Elaine said...

Hiya Casper lady,
I hope you are keeping well.
Ok, here goes in reply to your lovely comment.
I still have a cold (week 5 now!!) I'm still snotty and coughing like a seal but I feel much better, thank you very much for asking.
I think I owe my recovery to you and your cyber care packages, we may have to bottle and market you as a cure-all! Cure-all-Casper, how's that sound? Make my millions and retire to the Highlands with all my rubber - I wish!

My boy misses the hat/bowl/bin, but if you think I'm cutting up over 100 pieces of paper, writing names on, way, it ain't going to happen!
Mr Froggy and Mr Random can do their jobs instead ha!

Ha!Ha! The Sassy hair has got you now, serves you right for mocking me! Sugar Nellies were my first stamps too, set me off on the road to rubber addiction and no money in my bank.
Hubby's fine (asleep on the chair and snoring as I type, I'm quite sure you can hear up where you live) Boy has started with flu symptoms tonight...Lord help me, Boy-flu, though admittedly not as bad as Man-flu) One cat is good, one cat is still very very naughty! Came in yesterday through the cat flap (cat, not me, I couldn't squeeze thru the cat flap) with a bird in her mouth, so hubby shouts...OUT, OUT YOU LITTLE B**GER! She drops the bird and it flew straight up and into the living room flying around my head!
Little MINX she is huh?

Hi Fred *waving*, what's Fred buying you for Christmas? Something extra specially superly duperly nice I hope. I tell Phil I'm a Princess and should be treated as such and spoiled (won't tell you what he says in reply but it's rude)

No cabin fever here. I'm like the Postie, rain or shine, full of a cold or not, I go to work! No-one does my job if I'm not in, so if I have sick time I just have to play catch up when I go back in, plus my boss is a....tightwad, scrooge, grinch, miserable I never take time off. Oh No, I'll just cough and sneeze and hopefully my germs will be incubating nicely in time for him to have a cold over Christmas. Bet he wouldn't come in work ha!
So I guess you have lots of snow yeuch! I hate it! We've had about 6 inches here and that's more than enough, but my friend said they'd had more than a foot of the white stuff. OH NO I'd have to stay in bed and hibernate til it's gone.
Shall we send a search and rescue party to dig you out? A big St Bernard with a barrel of whisky round it's neck? Maybe not...maybe little Skye wouldn't be impressed!

Take care Casper-lady and Fred, hope the snow goes soon.

Love Elaine xx

Casper said...

Hiya Elaine, hee hee

Me & Fred were rofl for ages just the thought of you flapping around with birdie trying to catch it!

Things got a bit lost in translation as I was telling Fred about your post - He thought I had said that your Boy had the flu & had climbed through the cat flap with a BIRD! Hee hee me still ROFL!

He not allowed to use the door to bring his girlfriend in then?

Hee hee, does he have to use the kitty litter too?

OOOOOH Thank you so much Elaine - Reality world has been a bit naff lately but you made us laugh like we have not managed in a long time xxx

Hope tightwad gets a double double man flu & we send his wife away on Holiday so she no suffer hee hee!

Yeh miss the bowl/hat thingy but no way write all entries out- Mr Linky & blue froggy be fine - is he blue cos he cold or naughty?

Glad you like my care packages & hope you get better soon hunny!

SNOW FAIR me snow like it anymore,Snow arrraghh, The only snow I every want to see agin is on a card!

Yep, you got me, yep me has a hair prob too! Me concede no mock the bird with the cat flap ever again! Hee hee

Skye , she white I can't find her & if Bernard (St Doggy) did she growl at him & get jealous, naughty princess!

Put different curtains up last week, thay a bit long but I like them to be but anyway - I really couldn't find Skye? She had went behind the white sheer curtains & hid, we have a picture! She nuts!

No birds here but I think she keeps pinching my craft stash cos when I know I have something & can't find it?

Little nutter has been nudging my craft mat when I put it down on floor especially my punches, she hates the noise when I use them!
Nut house here!

Me is a Princess but Fred has his own response to that too hee hee!

We bottle my cyber cure & retire to the Highlands with RUBBER STAMPS.

I Don't do rubber for anyone & I can't scubba dive!
Hee hee I don't know you well enough for you to be making me an offer of a Highland trip with a rubber fetish thrown in?

Which Hotel? I have a rubber duck?

Hee hee

Take care hunny, keep warm & cozy!

Big Hugs

Julye said...

Love the snowball idea , fab card and good luck.

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