Saturday, 1 October 2011

Health and Doodling

Hiya there peeps,

How are you all? Well I hope!

Just a quickie update, I am fine thank you for your concern!

I tend to try to keep my blog about card making and do not usually
put a personal take on things but things are changing and I have came to realise
that both can occupy the same space and compliment each other.

after all a blog is as much about the person as the cards eh?

So in the spirit of sharing here we go -

I am fine , I got a bit of a fright this time around.
I do not go out much or get out much at all due to a lot of health issues.

But I had so many appointments last week that I was worn out!
I never normally catch the FLU and have to get the FLU injection
but as I was so run down I was floored with it and my breathing was so badly affected.

As a result of coughing so much and so hard, it is a real worry that I can end up in hospital again
for another operation which I am trying so hard to avoid

My hernia is bulging out even more now as a result of all the coughing

I have had so many operations over the past 8 years I have actually lost count but at least 2 operations a year for 8 years (that is an average so it is a lot more) and the last 2 years I have managed to stay out of HOSPITAL.

My consultant actually told me that I needed a break from all my operations 2 years ago hee hee!
I think he need a break from all my surgeries too - his Theater list had my name on it everyday hee hee not quite but I was well known in theatre and the recovery area!

Due to all the key hole surgeries my stomach muscles have weakened so much that I have a Hernia
that will need operated on at some point, so as you may have gathered lots of coughing is soooo not good!

The hospital staff have been great and even let me do my crafting when I have to go in.
They gave up trying to stop me and to get me to lay down and rest as I told them my crafting was my rest and my sanity!

Shhhhh I got hubby to take me to the canteen once and got him to take me to the DIY store - I stayed in car and he went into get paint.
Well I was in hospital he be a good hubby and paint my room for me hee hee!
Well the paint fumes make me sick so he being a real GEM and getting it done before I was getting home from hospital!

And I did say short but I can assure you all that this is


Never remember if  The Cliff notes or Cliffe notes- what the spelling is with or without an E?
Either way, I found them useful while at University!

Everyone of us have a fear of rejection to a certain degree, but for me I can hoard my work and images until I think they are good enough - some don't make it on to a card!

We are tougher on ourselves than anyone else could ever be -

So again in the spirit of being brave and sharing - I have a few little doodle drawings that I am going to let you see!

YOU SEE I have decided that I am a crazy person and worry so much about things that should not make me uncomfortable - I am who I am and I will share instead of avoiding for fear of criticism (Usual from myself)

For years I have said I don't do sympathy as in the sense , I do not like people to feel sorry for me!
I read something the other day that made me think and this is what I took from it -

 " Being strong for others is a full time job - know when to let go!! (Casper 2011)

Now my Drawings oh I hear you groan hee hee
I do not have a Graphics program to tidy them up,they are a little rough and done in pencil only!

 strength has always been for all those around me who needed help!

So that is me , I have been brave and shared, what do you think of my doodles?

Play nice please and remember these are my art work and have not to be copied at all unless I give specific permission

Have a great week end and be kind to one another,Never forget to love and hug your loved ones and never forget that love is what we all need and is what we all search for, all our lives!

Until the next time take care of each other and hug each other every day!

C -Cut 
 R - Rip  
      E - Emboss
 A - Alter
T - Tear
        E -Embellish
Take Care
Big Hugs

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