Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Update and Moving on with Life

Hiya there, my dearest little peeps!

How are you all?

It is with a very heavy heart and a trusting soul that I bring you this NEWS!

Some of you maybe aware and others not that

 Kelley Kids Challenge Blog has been closed.

The situation was outwith the Dt and Dt Coordinators hands and
being a trusting and dedicated team we may have followed in blind believe.

If you do require further information - there is a Statement on the

Kelley Kid's Blog


I have been very upset today and in shock, my life is enough of a drama - really it is!

Blogland is the most amazing place and my escapisim - I love and adore blogging and
this little space I call

Casper's Crafty Capers

One thing that is apparent and a very good thing that I love about Blogland is the help and support we give each other!

Unfortunatley again I have felt threatened and frightened of what could happen to my blog
due to situations beyond my control.

If I have upset antone or offended anyone by my blind believe and trust in others,
I am truly sorry.

Blogland is an amazing place and it is a place based on
TRUST and RESPECT and sometimes, some peeps blur those lines.

Which is unfair!

In real life as we know peeps can be very judgemental and we will all defend what we think is real and dear to us!

In Blogland we do defend and support but again as in real life gossip can start and by association we can be innocently involved in others misguided misdoings!

WITHOUT TRUST and BELIEF in something wither that be God,Home and Family or belief that those around us will LOVE us.

We all have a belief system and a need to belong
and without trust we have empty lives - we would never go out,speak to others we do not know,
go to a shop.

Without TRUST we are only left with FEAR!

My belief and Trust system have been knocked and I am devestated.
I will never understand or know all that has happened in my life.

But I do believe I have to do what I feel is right and I would fight for anyone I thought was being Bullied and innocent - I see good in all people!

I have been surrounded by sadness and violence all my life - I have escaped as much of that as I can and when I enter Blogland it is also for me to escape reality and destress!

I have had great team support and without that I doubt I could have came back to my blog!

This has taken at least a pound of flesh (wish it was more,could fit in that dress)!

Today has been very difficult in so many ways and then we had to sort out
My Dearest mother In Law's belongings, clothing etc to go to her charity

Chest, Heart and Stroke

A fab charity that helped us and supported us,
Amazing and they set up a fund in her name for us.
so that any donations of clothes, money or household items will be tracked and added to her fund and they will let us know how much has been raised in her hounour and memory!

When we were sorting through her things we came accross her little teddie that we had bought her and that I had put lots of matching ribbons on and that she cuddled in her hospital bed - I cried again.

Then we found the little grey Elephant with a pink ballerina outfit on that we had got her for her Birthday.

So as you can imagine a difficult task adn still will be as we will have other days that we find things and remember things.

It is so difficult to let go and understand why she was taken from us - but a very hard day indeed but we had a friend helping us so we managed to do a lot of charity shop bags!

Then My little doggie is ill she has an ear infection - so worried about her,she is on 2 types of pills for the infection - my poor wee FUR Baby needs to get an operation!

I love and adore her she is my little bit of sweetness in a sometimes harsh and sometimes bitter world!

On a slightly funnier note - My little Fur Baby loves chicken (of Course)
and she had a little chicken last night but she is a silly girl and gets greedy with it and a bit mean if she can't have more (poor Hubby,not me).

Hubby gives FUR BABY Chicken and rice for breakfast tut tut bad move and then put those dangerous chicken bones in a  bag on the floor to collect on way out. He tied it up and left it on kitchen floor for 5 mins.
I was upstairs and cute as you like here comes the cutest little girly fluffy doggie with guess what?
A chicken bone in her mouth - just peaking out the edges of her mouth each side aww well!

She was in a dilema, she had not heard me coming and stopped in her tracks - cute face went on - you know the one hee hee!

But as chicken bones are so dangerous as could choke her because they split into small shards.

It was like a bad carry on film - Hubby comes up the stairs Fur Baby runs into the bathroom , behind my legs , I am trying to catch her, she makes a quick get away through hubby's leg and runs down stairs into the kitchen with hubby persuing her!

I am looking for her meat flavoured treats
 (that we have to hide her medication in before she will take it)
Fur baby gets passed hubby runs up stairs, we both grab her I hold her in my arms , hubby trys to get the offending bone - Fur baby growling like a wild thing, hubby growling like a mad man and I am just well standing there thinking this is too early for this MUCH FUN.

Fur baby starts to crunch the offending bone ,hubby losing the plot and offering her all manner of treats and I have her in my arms in a slight
HYMLICK manouver
 (in case she got bone stuck in her throat)
bits are falling on floor I am hovering with dog in air and hubby catch all the small bits of bone he could!

What a carry on but I can assure you she had a good bit of that bone and was not letting go for nothing - it's mine I am keeping it - Get your own attitude!

She was fine but a bit of a worry, not need to have my wee FUR BABY choking!

Now that was well - eventful shall we say hee hee

But the little madam had went into the carrier bag and nudged it open and took the bone - if I had not seen her we would have not known - very clever doggie eh?
I did teach her nudge and she has a facination for carrier bags as she thinks the rustle means

To be fair she never does go into bins or rubbish bags but the little angel is so so hungry
 with the steroid pills and anti inflammatories the vet has her on
The vet did say she would be excessively hungry but we are feeding her 3 times a day full dishes - small dog not good to over feed - she only a little LHASHO APSO and also said she would need to go out a lot more too!
Poor thing is harassed and you can't explaqin to your little Fur baby that the DOGGY DOCTOR said you have to .......?

Well peeps, that was the day that was and I am so glad that is over eh?

Have a great day and have plenty of hugs and also tell the ones you love that you love them often as life can get in the way a lot of the time we can forget to say

Until next time
Take care of one another

C -Cut 
R - Rip
       E - Emboss 
 A - Alter
T - Tear
         E - Embellish

Take care
Big Hugs

1 comment:

Nikki Byrne said...

You have put a big smile on my face Casper! I was sooo shocked about our little problem too, it was like a big kick in the gut! It does make you loose confidence in others, but at least you have managed to bring a smile to my face with the tale about your fur baby!



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